Are Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Systems a Good Solution for Women’s Hair Loss?

Everyone feels the pressure from society to look a certain way, and women especially face unnecessary challenges in life that revolve around their appearance. Being constantly bombarded with depictions of society’s strict and lofty beauty standards can be devastating to women suffering from an issue that is often attributed to men exclusively. The issue is hair loss, and for women who suffer from thinning or lost hair, it can be a source of shame, embarrassment, and depression. But there are options available to help individuals suffering from women’s hair loss to take back their confidence and look and feel beautiful.

Non-surgical hair replacement systems are fully customizable hair prosthesis that are adhered to the scalp and styled to blend seamlessly with the client’s natural hair. Cost effective and comfortable, non-surgical hair replacement systems for women offer an alternative to potentially painful and expensive hair loss treatment options like hair plugs or hair transplants. And because they’re strongly secured to the scalp with body safe adhesive, they don’t need to be removed and reapplied every day like a wig, saving countless hours getting ready. These custom hair replacement systems can be made of real human hair or high-quality synthetic hair to meet the diverse needs of any client.

Many women suffer from hair loss due, and if you’re reading this and wondering, “Is non-surgical hair replacement system right for me?” then you’ve come to the right place. We will be exploring non-surgical hair replacement systems as an option, going over the pros and cons of non-surgical hair replacement systems, and how to decide if one of these systems is the right option for meeting your hair restoration goals.

What Are Some Causes of Women’s Hair Loss?

Women’s hair loss can be caused by a variety of factors, not just health issues. Genetic hair loss is commonly attributed to men, and the average person never even considers that women are also susceptible to genetic hair loss, as well as hair loss due to hormonal fluctuations throughout a woman’s life. Hair loss or thinning hair is women can also be a side effect of some medications, most famously chemotherapy cancer treatments. Genetic and mental health conditions can also cause hair loss. Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease that causes the body to attack its hair follicles, leading to partial or total hair loss. Trichotillomania is a compulsive hair-pulling disorder that can result in patches of hair loss from uncontrollable hair pulling. These are just a few of the most common causes of thinning hair or hair loss in women, and none of them are anything to be ashamed of.

Despite women’s hair loss being relatively common phenomenon, it can be devasting to the confidence of self esteem of woman who suffer from it. Every woman wants to have a full head of lush, healthy hair to style as she wants to express herself to the world. The decrease in confidence can lead to issues with self-image, loss of intimacy in romantic relationships, reclusion from social groups, and missed opportunities. No woman should feel embarrassed about hair loss, no matter the cause.

Because of the damage hair loss or thinning hair can have on a woman both psychologically and emotionally, having access to women’s hair loss solutions is vital to restoring her sense of identity and self-esteem. The costliness and potential discomfort of surgical hair restoration solutions may be a deterrent for many women, and the upkeep and added preparation time that wigs and hair extensions involve may look discouraging as well. Thankfully, there is another option. High-quality, fully customizable, non-surgical hair replacement solutions are an excellent solution to the drawbacks of both ends of the hair restoration spectrum.

What Are Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Systems?

Non-Surgical hair replacement systems are hair prosthesis that are crafted to fit the individual’s head shape, color matched to any desired color, and styled to blend seamlessly with the client’s natural hair. These hair systems can be made for full or partial coverage to fit the needs of clients with every severity of hair loss. They offer a more cost-effective option for hair replacement than surgical procedures such as hair transplants or hair plugs, while delivering immediate results with no discomfort or down time.

These systems are adhered to the scalp using a strong body safe adhesive that holds the system in place for 3-4 months. During that time, clients never need to remove their hair systems and are free to shower, go to the gym, and do everything else you normally do. Depending on what type of hair your system has, your stylist will explain the maintenance instructions. At Hair Center of Palm Beach, we sell all the products you will need to care for your hair system with minimal change to your routine. A high-quality non-surgical hair replacement system will be nearly indistinguishable from a full head of healthy, natural hair.

When choosing the material for a non-surgical hair replacement system, there are a multitude of both synthetic and real human hair options. Both are able to be properly color matched and styled to look extremely natural, but human hair options will never run the risk of looking synthetic or not behaving like real hair. Synthetic hair options offer a slightly more affordable option if real human hair does not fit within a client’s budget.

What Are the Benefits of Non-Surgical Hair Replacements Systems?

The benefits of non-surgical hair replacement systems are numerous. No matter what your situation, these systems fit into anyone’s daily life with ease. Some of the ways that a hair system can benefit clients suffering from women’s hair loss include:

Non-Invasive and Painless

Surgical hair restoration treatments such as hair transplants or hair plugs can be painful or uncomfortable. Even wigs or hair extensions can be hot, itchy, and ill-fitting. Non-surgical hair systems are custom fitted to each individual and are safely and painlessly adhered to the scalp. This allows for long-term continuous wear that is so comfortable and breathable you won’t even know it’s there.

Immediate Results

Hair transplants and other surgical hair restoration treatments can be lengthy processes, and clients can wait months to see noticeable results. With a non-surgical hair replacement option, the results are immediate. It’s like walking out of the salon after a regular haircut. Another aspect of these hair systems is that they are perfect for those suffering from temporary hair loss, like from chemotherapy. The results are not only immediate, but immediately reversible or changeable should your needs shift over time.


No matter what your personal style or hair color may be, a non-surgical hair system can be crafted to match each individual client’s needs. Texture matching isn’t a problem because both synthetic and real human hair options are available. The experienced and compassionate team at Hair Center of Palm Beach is capable of matching texture, color, and style for the most natural look possible for any severity of hair loss in women.

Cost Effective

Surgical options for treating women’s hair loss can be costly, and no woman should ever have to put a price on her self-confidence. High quality non-surgical hair replacement systems are available at a fraction of the upfront cost of surgical options and can even save money over time. Maintenance appointments are only needed every 3-4 months, which is the average amount of times most women go to the salon annually, so the cost of having a non-surgical hair replacement system is similar to getting a high-end haircut every 3-4 months.

How Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Systems Help Women Suffering from Hair Loss

The benefits of non-surgical hair replacement systems for women are numerous. Women who are self-conscious about their thinning or lost hair can enjoy a safe, effective, painless option that requires far less maintenance than wigs or other hair pieces and don’t involve the high cost and discomfort of surgical hair restoration. The confidence boost that the appearance of a full, healthy head of hair can give back to women suffering from hair loss due to genetics, hormonal fluctuations, chemotherapy, alopecia areata, trichotillomania, Covid, and more can’t be understated.

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