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Hair loss is really upsetting, and we understand that. Feelings of shame, anger, and anxiety are common among those experiencing hair loss. However, here at Hair Center of Palm Beach, we have the answers that will restore your pride and dignity. In addition to our other offerings, we also provide non-surgical hair replacement solutions in Belle Glade. If you’re experiencing hair loss due to radiation therapy, chemotherapy, alopecia areata, trichotillomania, or just plain old thinning hair, you should have access to a hair replacement option that gives you a realistic appearance.

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Our Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Solutions in Belle Glade

For people who have experienced hair loss for any reason, we at Hair Center of Palm Beach provide non-surgical hair replacement solutions. Our expert team has worked on various hair systems and configurations over the years. To ensure that the final product meets the specific requirements of each client, we conduct in-depth interviews. Our non-surgical options are made to look and feel amazing, much like your own hair, and are comfortable enough to wear all day. Furthermore, with regular care they can last for years.

Hair Replacement Solutions Offered By The Hair Center Of Palm Beach

We also provide alternative options, such as VLINKS, which are designed to cover up thinning or balding areas of the scalp by merging existing hairs. Both men and women who seek a more permanent answer to their hair loss worries than merely wearing hats all the time can benefit from this procedure. Our team also provides treatments that have been shown to be effective in reversing hair loss caused by heredity or advanced age by encouraging the creation of new hair follicles on the scalp.

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