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Our artisan stylists are among the most skilled and experienced professionals in the industry. We work with many different types of individuals, personalities, and hair systems. For over 50 years, our reputation and commitment to integrity has centered upon honoring every client with the respect and dignity they deserve.
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A: Yes. During your consultation our experienced hairstylists will review all your style options. We want you to look your best and live with your hair worry-free.

A: Yes. We want you to live your life worry free with regards to your hair. We absolutely welcome other stylists to call us with questions. We have your best interest in mind.

A: Yes. Our experienced hairstylists will go over best and essential products for you to be able to swim freely.

A: No. Your existing hair is unaffected. It will not damage or stop growing. Our hair replacement products are breathable.

A: Yes. You can sleep, have pillow fights, and any other activities in the bedroom or anywhere else. You’ll live a worry-free hair life.

A: We will match your new hair replacement perfectly with your existing hair and style it according to your wishes. You can bring a photo along so that we style your hair correctly. . Your hair will move easily with your existing hair. We can also order different textures with human hair based on your preferences.

A: First, with our Hair Loss Specialist, we will go over your hair loss, lifestyle, exact hair color, and the style you desire. Then, we will make an exact impression on your head with detailed notes and send all your information to our factory. We engage in a follow-up meeting to discuss your specific details before your hair product is produced to your specifications.

A: Services are usually between 2 – 6 weeks. Each client is different. We will customize your service with your lifestyle.

A: That depends on each client. However, we do guarantee our hair will last longer than our competitors if you follow our advice on products and care. Remember, we want you to look natural. Therefore, our lightweight base with high-quality hair and products will achieve that.

A: The price depends on several factors. They are: human or synthetic hair, length, density, etc. We will work with you to achieve your best possible solution and options. That’s where our experience and expertise make the difference.

A: At the Hair Center of Palm Beach, we have licensed cosmetologists highly trained in Human and Synthetic Hair products. Most hair shops do not require licensed cosmetologists, and as such are not well-educated on human hair. They, therefore, typically push synthetic toppers, wigs, etc. Based on our expertise we will educate, guide, and offer you the best options, customized towards your specific goals, preferences, and lifestyles. We want you to look and feel natural, comfortable, and live a worry-free life.


Hair replacement clients have been misinformed, misguided, and, often promised something very different from what they ultimately experience when they undergo the hair replacement procedure. With more than five decades of business operation, we’ve decided to partner with THE HAIRY TRUTH EXPERTS. This new, interactive forum will offer straight-forward, client-centered discussions on non-surgical hair replacement solutions.

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